The Dialogue Lab: 2027

On November 9-13th 2016, The D-LAB in partnership with The Appalachian Media Institute, the Appalshop Archive, and a cohort of next generation youth leaders from eastern Kentucky hosted The D-LAB 2027 workshop.

The workshop began with an inter-generational potluck dinner where guests were invited to share stories, resources, and ideas about the assets, challenges, and possibilities of eastern Kentucky.  The D-LAB and AMI participated with NAMAC'S 50-State Dinner Party Project for the inspiration and toolkit for the potluck. 

During the workshop participants explored their desired futures for the region in the year 2027. As a group, they envisioned new uses for abandoned mine sites, drafted new ways of thinking through community engagement and created new businesses & venues to celebrate the strong cultural assets already present. The workshop also had the opportunity to engage in Appalshop Archive's immensely powerful collection of regional archival photographs to build new narratives with the tools and visual language of the past.

This workshop couldn't be possible without the support from Kentucky Governor's School for the Arts and The Toyota Alumni Fund Grant. The D-LAB 2027 would also like to acknowledge Kate Fowler - AMI Director, and Caroline Rubens - Appalshop’s Archivist, and Ada Smith - Development Director at Appalshop in the evolution of the 2027 project.