Equal Playing Field

March, 2015

Kansas City, Missouri

Sports are not only about brawn and brain, but culture and community. Without a doubt, contemporary society owes much to sports: the game-watching and playing rituals; superstitions ranging from lucky t-shirts (and other unwashed articles of clothing) to untrimmed facial hair and bizarre eating habits; The neighborhood park pick-up game orThursday night bowling league. But one must question, can a game, a tournament, or sport be a healthy and democratic way to unite us? Can sports move beyond race, class, and caste to show the potential of the collaborative spirit and teamwork? Can a soccer game be more about equality rather than scoring the most goals?

This project aims to organize series of conversations and soccer games/tournaments (Futsal style, 5-a-side with a keeper) that allows for an equal playing field between various powers, people, institutions, neighborhoods, and teams. Equal Playing Field is in collaboration with Alex Elmestad, a St. Louis based Artist and Public Programmer. The project is going to be made possible through various partnerships that include but are not limited to Gooolll!The Luminary, and Better Together STL.

I would like to thank personally acknowledge the support and efforts of The Luminary, Brea and James McAnally, Minerva Lopez, Alex Elmestad, and the neighborhood kids who generously shared two afternoons with me for the initial phase of the project. Images courtesy of Brea Photography.


More information about Counterpublic exhibition in March 2015:

The exhibition opened simultaneously at The Luminary and at various locations throughout the Cherokee Street neighborhood featuring work from Alberto Aguilar, Damon Davis, EDELO, Lucky Pierre, Dread Scott, and Work/Play.

Counterpublic addresses the complex publics that make up a community, presenting artists and artworks that speak unevenly across space, aiming for a form of public art that folds into the vibrancy of daily life and engages the pressing issues of our city and of our time.

Projects include:
Alberto Aguilar at El Torito & The Luminary
Damon Davis at The Luminary
EDELO at El Chico Bakery
Lucky Pierre at Black Bear Bakery
Dread Scott at multiple locations
Sean Starowitz at Gooolll!
Work/Play at Sweet Shears