This is a collection of projects from my time in the Interdisciplinary department at the Kansas City Art Institute. These projects laid the foundation for what my practice is today.

Wheels for Meals

August 2009

Kansas City, Missouri

Wheels For Meals is a bartering project where the artist rented out his truck, time, and effort in exchange for a home cooked meals. The results were charted in various pieces of information architecture and data results. The project placed food into the economic model of engagement and economy. Time spent working was directly related to the time the artist was sated by the food he received in exchange.


The Art of Playmaking

March 2010

Kansas City, Missouri

The Training Room was a series of successive short-term projects that exemplified
dedicated “practice” or investigated relationships between art
and sport in a participatory, time-based manners. The Training Room was curated by Michael Schonhoff.

The artist responded to the project by hosting the Art of Playmaking. The public program was an interactive training session culminating in porcelain football toss, the art of playmaking, NFL Blitz on a N64, and the screening of the film Little Giants.


Jazz Funeral

May 2010

Kansas City, Missouri

“The Art Interdisciplinary degree tragically lost its rigorous battle with political and administrative cancer today. Born in 2004, under the guidance of Julia Cole and the Kansas City Art Institute, its short but prosperous and inspiring life will be survived by its 40 alumni. Art Interdisciplinary strived for excellence, freshness, and honesty in its work; its adherents believed that excellence is achieved by only hard work, freshness occurs through a knowledge of history and by exhaustive experimentation, and honesty by an artist’s rigorous pursuit of self-understanding. These tributes will continue to be passed on by all surviving members. Interdisciplinary’s final graduating class includes Brie Blakeman, Terry Campbell, Katherine O’ Hara, John Hilger, Aly Parrot, Justin Rulo-Sabe, Sara Cramer, Sean M. Starowitz, and countless honorary members”.

Obituary written for the Interdisciplinary Arts program at the Kansas City Art Institute. The KC STAR refused to publish the obituary. A Jazz funeral ceremony was facilitated by musician Mark Southerland.


Know Show Thursdays

September 2009

Kansas City, Missouri

Know Show Thursdays was a series of talks, lectures and performances that took place every third Thursday in Epperson Underground (INDA Studios) in the fall of 2009 and spring of 2010. Know Show consisted of three 15-minute presentations in which peers teach skills that are not necessarily taught in institutional settings. The Know Shows ranged from a representative from the Kansas City Health Department teaching individuals how to wash their hands properly to Kurt Flecksing teaching self-rescue in a rock-climbing scenario, to presentations on How to Make Balloon Animals, How Sonar Works, and the Use of Youtube. The presentations were taught by anyone who has experience within the specific skill that they teach and feel the information is worth sharing.