The Speakeasy

April 2012

Kansas City, Missouri

Drawing from the model of World’s Fair Pavilions, The Speakeasy (co-curated with Andrew Erdrich) was not a static exhibition, but instead facilitated a series of culturally oriented events over a six-week period. Events and programs included: one night art exhibitions, three resident-artists, a series of moderated conversations, live music, a poetry reading and book launch, a collaborative deli featuring sandwiches designed by local chefs, a Chicago-based food truck, and a mobile, pop-up workshop space. During the course of the exhibition over 700 visitors attended the various events.

Featured artists and collaborators: Tori Abernathy, Julia Cole, Wes Janz, Temporary Services, Eric May, Jessica Rogers, A. Bitterman, Gabrielle Depew Costello, Marie Dougherty, Gina Kaufmann, Mitchell Kirkwood, Alex Savage, Jorden Stempleman, Blair Schulman, Jenny Vergara, Aaron Storck, Artsounds, Bowl of Dust & Co., Casey & The Necks, Gamelan Genta Kasturi, The Grisly Hand, Howard Iceberg and the Titanics, I love You, J. Ashley Miller, Nonnie Parry, Sneaky Creeps, Mark Southerland, This Is My Condition, Umberto, XO press, Grill Talk, La Cucaracha Press, The Local Pig, Boulevard Brewing Company, Oddly Correct, Phresh Prints CO-OP, The Plaines Project, and Howard Hanna.